Tollam is becoming… Culturefi


It all started when…

I founded my 6th company and began to realized that the way we do business today is really actually backwards to the way we should be working.

When I started Tollam Management seven years ago it was because I believed there had to be a better way of doing business and I was determined to find it. I began researching what it takes for a company to become “one of the greats”. To achieve the status of being a High-Performance organization where people love to work and never want to leave. Where people are proud to be from and respected by others for being there.

What I discovered, is frightening. Most people are going about business completely and utterly wrong.


Introducing, CultureFi

CultureFi brings new services and tools utilizing highly progressive and advanced methodologies.

Culturefi services are only for executives and business owners with the drive and desire for their company to become “one of the greats”.